Sensa Granite


Sensa by Cosentino® granites are virtually maintenance-free; they are easy to clean and the treatment has a 10-year warranty. To clean your countertop, wipe with soap and warm water or a mild household cleanser. Wipe up spills as soon as possible. Always avoid using bleach and abrasive cleaners. Do not use polishes or waxes. Unlike with most granite, you need not apply any treatment to protect your Sensa by Cosentino® countertop.


  • Don’t cut directly onto the granite
  • Don’t place hot objects directly onto the work surface
  • Clean and dry spillages quickly
  • Do not use acidic cleaners
  • Lighter worktops show watermarks when wet, keep surfaces dry
clean granite worktops
kitchen table with granite top


Sensa by Cosentino® granites have a patented treatment that is used to provide high stain resistance. The protection ensures that your Sensa by Cosentino® countertop will stay beautiful for years with minimal maintenance. Clean the countertop regularly with a nonabrasive bleach-free cleaner to ensure your Sensa by Cosentino® countertop remains as good as new. Here’s some you can use:
  • Ammonia - use diluted with a damp cloth and dry (don’t mix products)
  • Detergents – Any supermarket detergent diluted with water will do, dry after
  • Bleach – use diluted with a damp cloth and dry (don’t mix products)
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Sensa 10 year warranty
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