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Easily the biggest name in natural stone, Antolini supplies Yes Granite directly with exquisite stone from world-famous quarries. Visit our showroom to hand-pick granite surfaces from this pioneering Italian stone manufacturer, whose revolutionary finishes can help make stone impervious to damage and germs.

Majestic stone
Majestic stone

We source the finest, richly-detailed slabs of granite, marble and quartzite, from the Antolini collection.

Proud heritage
Proud heritage

Founded in the 1950s, Antolini stone has a strong tradition of furnishing the most discerning homes and architectural designs.

Pioneering finishes
Pioneering finishes

Azerobact and Azerocare treatments were devised by Antolini to help protect slabs of natural stone from harm and to repel bacteria.


Natural stone for kitchens and bathrooms

Crown your home with the exquisite beauty of natural stone, sourced from the finest stone collection in the world. For us, the Antolini natural stone brand signifies timeless elegance in interior design and a commitment to providing the finest work surfaces imaginable.

Material that stands the test of time, Antolini stone slabs add stunningly, unique character to every design scheme, from the most minimalist to the elaborately classical.

Gloriously-rich tones, warmth and charm with unique characteristics

With its vibrant, organic colour palette of patterns and veining created by nature over centuries, Antolini’s natural stone can be likened to art. Robust and suited to busy homes, yet filled with intricate beauty, natural stone encourages you to take a breath and relax, surrounded by grounding materials.

With granite, marble, quartzite and other natural stones from Antolini you can create a home that’s unique to you, formed by earth’s geological history.

An incredibly hard natural stone, which is generally not very porous. Difficult to cut with diamond blades and able to withstand heat, quartzite is the hardest of all the typical work surface materials (and a completely separate product to engineered quartz). It resists stains once sealed and is difficult to scratch. More costly because it is a challenge to mason, but often stunningly beautiful.

Melding tradition with innovation: our shared values

This giant of the global stone industry refuses to stand still; just one reason why Yes Granite has developed such a close bond with Antolini.

Our close relationship grants us access to an endless choice of natural stone slabs, which we import directly to you. Colours range from pure ivory marble to rich coppery granite, to variegated bright-white and cyan-blue quartzite, and beyond.

From its magnificent manufacturing prowess to the artistry of its awe-inspiring stone showrooms, Antolini is unparalleled. By constantly evolving, to meet the ferocious demands of the design and architecture world, Antolini proudly offers a vast collection of surfaces for kitchens, bathrooms, walls and floors.

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