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Bathroom walls, flooring and vanity worktops

Tranquility and sparkling cleanliness are hallmarks of stylish bathroom design. Our bespoke countertops cut from natural stone, porcelain or manufactured stone, such as quartz, all help you achieve this goal.

Stone with stain-resistant, easy-clean, non-porous surfaces

Luxurious natural granite, engineered stone and porcelain can create an elegant, classical spa ambiance, while warmer stone is an emerging luxury bathroom trend.

Many of our bathroom surfaces, such as Silestone, Cimstone and soapstone, are non-porous, so they cannot be stained by cosmetics or creams. Other possible options include sealed granite and treated marble. We’re happy to explain how these natural stones stand up to spills.

Our years of experience sourcing the best bathroom surfaces helps us to tailor quotations to every budget, and to recommend the most practical stone for your design.

Sensational wet rooms and shower enclosures with large-format stone

Turn your bathroom into a sanctuary with a modern, stone shower enclosure at its core. Stone walls and floorings, in a choice of colours and finishes, can add a truly luxurious quality to your home.

Sealed granite creates sophisticated floors and walls for shower enclosures and wet rooms, while engineered quartz is a practical and elegant choice for your shower room. Vanity tops and basins can be made in the same choice of stone for a beautiful, modern finish.

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