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Ultimate ease, natural stone essence

We strongly recommend Antolini’s A-Tech porcelain for its beauty, strength, resilience and versatility. Mimicking the glorious patterns and tones of Antolini natural stone in porcelain stoneware, Antolini Tech porcelain (A-Tech) is sought out for contemporary interior design projects.


Natural art in robust porcelain for the entire home

Choose strong porcelain, which is stain-resistant and scratch-resistant, for its easy-care qualities and hygienic nature. A-Tech also replicates the stunning veins, stripes and swirls of natural, quarried rock.

Loved for its versatility, A-tech porcelain is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and as countertops, walls, flooring, fireplace walls, bar tops, and much more.

The beauty of natural stone in varied thicknesses

With so many choices available, it’s possible to finish entire rooms in A-Tech porcelain; from backsplashes and worktops to floors and walls.

Antolini porcelain is available in a choice of thicknesses; 20mm and 12mm, with sheets measuring 3.2m x 1.55m.

Create a variety of moods within your home, ranging from the luxurious opulence of white Calacatta marble to a contemporary industrial aesthetic of black granite tiles. A-Tech offers all the practicalities of porcelain stoneware in a choice of stone-effect finishes to suit every design project.

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